Who is Ivan Jay Yap?

My name's Ivan Jay Yap, and I've traveled to places like Bali, Iceland, and Hawaii; In the past that would have only been a dream for me. However, I was inspired by my family to take a giant leap and leave behind my comfortable, but mundane lifestyle.

No matter how safe my 9 to 5 job was, I always yearned to explore the world - to discover what this blue and green planet has to offer - outside of the fortress I created for myself. So now, I take the liberty to record my experiences from around the world, and share them all with you.

These are the opportunities That I want to instill unto you, so you too can take a couragous step forth to a whole new adventure and enjoy it all for yourself, too.

Picture of Ivan Jay Yap

Coquito. Puerto Rican Classic. Merry Christmas Everyone πŸŽ„πŸŽ

3rd year Anniversary. Thanks for all the Memories. Let’s keep them going.

NIssan GTR Audi Quattro Legos cuz Self Quarantine

Finally went snowboarding


We did it! 2019.

I did it 2019. #graduated

Mushroom Grilled πŸ§€